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  • Chinese as a Second / Foreign Language (what is Chinese? courses I teach at WFU, Chinese readers at WFU's Reynolds Library, teaching & learning Chinese as skills, programs in China & America, linguistic research on Chinese, must links, etc.)
  • Databanks (Chinese linguistics, pragmatics in particular)
  • Dictionaries & Encyclopedias (practically of any language, monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, Esperanto,etc.)
  • English as a Second / Foreign Language (teaching English as skills, teaching & research organizations, English departments & programs, research journals, mailing lists, etc.)
  • Esperanto (what is Esperanto? world's organizations, individual esperantists, journals & books, Esperanto in China, my articles in Esperanto, Esperanto radios dictionaries on the WWW, etc.)
  • Guides for Thesis Writing (the MLA, APA, Norton styples,proposals for research funds, etc.)
  • Interlanguage (interlanguage hypothesis, transfer studies, competence studies, interlanguage pragmatics,courses on interlanguage, reading packages, references, linguists, etc.)
  • Journals (of sociail sciences, linguistics, applied linguistics, EFL, ESL, TESOL...)
  • Linguistics (what is linguistics? departmental linguistics, linguistic programs (BA, MA, Ph.D),journals,publishers, data banks, organizations, etc.)
  • Philosophy of Language (where you will encounter language phylosophers such as Weittgenstein, Kant, Russell, Grice, Austin, Searle, etc.)
  • Pragmatics (textbooks on pragmatics, pragmaticians, deixis, context, speech acts, CP, PP, RT, CA, societal pragmatics,interlanguage pragmatics, Chinese pragmatics, books & journals on pragmatics, etc.)
  • Publishers (publishers in and out of Chinese-speaking countries and regions, publishers sympathetic of linguistics and publishing linguistic matters, a full list of university presses, etc.)
  • Others (searchers, hottest websites, newspapers & literature, links to friends, GXNU's FLD's alumini's address book...)
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