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l  Pragmatics Conferences (pragmatics meetings, conferences, workshops you may be interested in)

l  Degree Programs with a Concentration in Pragmatics (while pragmatics as a course is being offered at countless institutions, these programs offer degrees with a concentration in pragmatics)

l  Pragmaticians (a selective list of people that have shaped our thoughts about language use, especially seen over time)

l  Pragmatics Newsletter (the newsletter at GDUFS)

l  GXNUs Program in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics (concentrations & advisers of a unique & vigorous linguistics & applied linguistics program)

l  My Advisees (some students I advised & synopses of their MA theses)

l  Notes on Pragmatics (my graduate students reading notes & reflections on key concepts in pragmatics)

l  Pragmatics Updates (ongoing research in pragmatics in & out of GXNU)

l  Journal of Guangxi Normal University (special issues on FL teaching & research)

l  Shaozhongs Library (contains readings & links on pragmatics, interlanguage, Chinese as L2 or FL, Esperanto, curriculum & instruction, higher ed leadership, thesis writing, etc.)

l  Shaozhongs blog (on status quo of pragmatics, especially its development directions and trends)

l  Foreign Languages Depts in Guangxi (a bridge to Guangxis foreign language teaching & research)

l  Other Foreign Languages Programs & Depts in China (doctoral programs in China, other foreign language depts in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, & Taiwan)


Shaozhong Liu, Ph.D./ Professor


l  Specialty: linguistics, interlanguage pragmatics, crosscultural communication, curriculum & instruction, second language acquisition, higher ed leadership

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